What We Do

JMS Risk Management uses proven wealth management and insurance strategies to aid affluent Canadians in protecting, developing, and managing their wealth. Minimizing your risk and maximizing your wealth is our number one priority.

We support business owners and affluent individuals with estate planning

Strategic estate planning ensures your estate transfers to your loved ones efficiently and with minimal taxes owed. We use effective estate planning strategies to minimize applicable taxes when you pass away to, ultimately, ensure your family receives your wealth and estates as you desire.

We help everyone connect the role of insurance with their estate plan

To secure your estate for future generations, you need a sound life insurance plan. We use permanent policies to fund various estate needs, like estate tax liabilities, enabling the smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation, funding obligations, and more. For affluent individuals, life insurance is a tax-efficient way to cover these needs.

We use insurance to support the cost-efficient transfer of wealth

For individuals who wish to transfer their family business or investment holding company to their children, the capital gains due upon death are significant. Instead of borrowing the funds or selling your assets to pay these taxes, you can use life insurance. Pre-fund this impending tax with the most cost-efficient option.

A trusted, reliable resource for clients and other advisors

We use our years of experience and expertise not just for our clients, but also to assist other advisors. Our consultancy services aid other advisors in serving their clients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We provide strategic corporate and estate planning for both clients and advisors.